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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  February 11, 2020 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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>> this is bbc world news america reporting from concord, new hampshire. i'm jane o'brien. candidates are making their final push. bernie sanders leads the pack t joe biden expects to take a heavy hit. the others just hoping to stay competitive. >> here in washington, theest of the day's stories. the world health organization says the coronirus is a very grave threat. thousands have now d plus, the effects of syria's nine-year war as hundre of thousands flee. we have a special report. jane: for all ofou watching on pbs and around the globe, welcome to world news america.
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voters here pride themselves on whittlingeown the r for the democratic nomination, but with a large field and no clear national favorite, they may struggle too d that in this election. bernieanders remains ahead, but the other ca candidates are competing to stay in the race. >> not a nice d for it, but after all of the campaign stops, rallies, poles, handshakes, and milkshakes, it all comes down to this, getting out the vote. >> i just voted. i pulled a democratic ticket for the first time ever. >> i always liked earnie. he is for putting compassion -- bernie. he is for putting compassion back ieno the gover >> the furthest left is bernie sanders. he is alsohe attracting biggest crowds. mr. sanders: we are going to defeat the most dangerous president in moderamerican
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history, donald trump. the other candidate to watch is pete buttigieg. he was finally declared the winner in iowa and has carried that momentum with him. but oh no,oe, the former vice president, joe biden, seems to be sinking like a stone. not evenfo hanging around the result. but last night, one man eclipsed all othersn new hampshire. thousands waited all day to listen to donald trump, the limelight stealer extraordinaire after the utter shambles in. iowa, the democric party will sat up and they a able -- thatte the votes add up and they are able to dlare a winner. to screw up when election is unfortunate. to screw u a second would be
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catastrophic. jane: mark, thank you for joining me. youie have inted pretty much all the candidates. you have endorsed berni why?ers. >> it was a difficult decision. a couple reasons. he has the energy. a successful candidate has to generate energy, and in our view, he is the only one doing that. what happens if heoesn't get the nomination? millennials tell us, some of them say ihe is not the nominee, they will vote r trump. that was evidenced in 2016n w thousands of bernie supporters voted for trump. >> what do you think the mood is among democrats in new hampshire right now? >> it's striking.yb y but trump. that is the first priority. once they get in the voting booth, some people are literally deciding when they get intththe
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voting b and when they are there, they vote with the heart. jane: is it confusing having so many candidates to choose from? mark: i don't think it is confusing. i think it just gives more power the primary and gives democrats a better selection. jane: doew you thinkampshire is going to help decide who eventually gets the nominatio there is this tradition. mark: new hampshire always has to be first or second. no president has won without being first or second. i think the big surprise is going to be amy klobuchar. jane: what do you do the day after the primary? what happens in new hampshiree trump thinksn flip the state. do you think he can? mark: the day after, everyone puts on flannel shirts and goes back to work. we are blue. we are a swing state but wengre
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driflue. he is not going to win new hampshire. jane: you are pretty confident about that. there was a mighty turn out at his rally last night. votersor him seemed to be far more united than the democrats. mark: absolutely. jane: so, how do they unite the party after this? mark: well, they will rally behindone. four years ago everyone was against trump until he was jane:, wonderful, thank you very much indeed for joining. i do appreciate it. ok,re well, tave been a be well during number of tracking polls throughout this mpaign is bewildering -- a bewildering number of polls throughout this campaign.
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russell, how much importance can replace in these polls? how reliable are they at the moment? russell: it seems like a lot of polls are done very, very carefully. i think they are often very reliable. what makes it difficult is that many voters don't really know who they are going to vote for. i cannot tell you how many people i spoke with today who still have not made up their mis about who to vote for it is still a very difficult decision for a lot of people. how do you pull that? jane: good point. and it's not jus about taking on trump. they have to unite as a party first. how are they going to do that? some bernie sanders supporters say they won't vote for anybody else if he doesn't win. russell: you just put your finger right on it. the primary season is intensely divisive -- if thery pri
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season is intensely divisive, the party won't come together it's typical that during the primary process, people feel intensely about their candidate. and the they come together. i ink president trump will do a great job of unifying the demo catic partye november. i don't think there's anything to fear by way of that. that ahere is one person lot of people here are talking about who is not on the ballot, former mayor of new york mike bloomberg. some people are suggesting that people are writing in his name. what impact coulde have? russell: i think he could have an enormous impact in the nonation campaign that will stretch from the new hampshire primary all the way into late may. i don't h thinks going to have an impact today in new hampshire. the write-ins willot be that
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luminous. his presence, his shadow in the campaign will affect today's result. he is not on the ballot, and therefore he is not relevant today, but someby with tens of billions of dollars, with a literally limitless budget, can be a force in electoral politics. whoan knows how ads he is going to run? i think if biden self-destadcts or even the -- leaves the race a couple of weeks from now, ere will be a path for bloomberg. he may be very adept at taking advantage of that. jane:learly, lots to watch out rr. he rest of the days stories, i will hand you baco nora in washington. nora: thank you, jane. well, the world health organization says the coronavirus poses a grave threa to the whole world and we should consider public enemy number one. anthe oations director
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general spoke at a summit in health experts are trying tolic speed up the global rponse to the disease. began, the numbe of deaths has now passed the 1000 mark. >> i hcee a great c that if this virus makes it to a weaker host system, it wi create havoc. to be honest, a virus is more ipowerfuln creating political, economic, and social upheaval than any terrorist attack, and if the world doesn't want to wake up and consider this enemy virus as public enemy number one , i don't think we will learn from our lessons. nora: we also have a new name for the virus. the world health organization is calling it covet 19. a professor at texas a&m was on
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e panel considering new names. he told the bbc what is involved in choosinam a for the virus. >> we are trying not to name check a person or a place. 2019 in the name as the who did when naming the disease. ere are qualifiers of the outbreak. this might be over in three months, but we don't know. the fact that it is slowing down is very positive. we don't think it is anything to doh we weather. we think it is directly due to quarantine meares we need to make sure the new sars virus doesn't escape to the rest of the world. nora: benjamin newman talking about the coronavirus. e traditional government in
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sudan has agreed to hand ovepr their ousteident to the international criminal court. he has wanted for crimes against humanity. in 2000 three, rebels took up arms against the government. the u.n. estimates that 300,000 died and millions were we have one of the first journalists to travel fely in the regio for 10 years. he sent thisro reportthe region west of darr for. >> this is a refugee camp, -- darfur. >> this is a refugee camp. 20afte years of conflict, the camp has become a city and 2 million people acrosshe t region have been displaced. we are one of the first international journato travel really here in a decade. the world'se attention may hav shifted, but the memories of the conflict are still fresh here.
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illias was 19 when hfled his .urning ho in the morning, he teaches. in the afternoon, he cuts hair to earn extra cash. >> heaw that i was from a different area. he called me a slave. a no other soldier pushed me and i felt face first -- another soldier pushed me and i fell the fire. into >> the next generation is growing up in the camps. these people to go back to their area. say it is safe enough there is a peace process ongoin it is very difficult for them to move back to their homes when there is no security, they tell me. peacekeepers patrol the lanes, but not for long.
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in november, the u.s. withdrew mo of its troops from south darr for -- darfur. for those stl living as refugees in their o country, the government tries to give them hope, but until peace is achieved, these camps will da: just as long last for darfur. the department of justice has intervene to seek ant lower seence for trump associate roger stone. this came hours after trumpmp coined on twitter that ntence was a miscarriage of justice. three prosecutors have resigned over the issue. authorits say a second person has been killed in high winds. the new storm, dennis, is expected to bring heavy rain and
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wind to parts of the u.k. this weekend. defense lawyers for harvey weinstein have reined their case his rape trial. the lead defense lawyer iset to give her closing argument on thursday followed by the lead prosecutor. the jury heard testimony from six women. the number of u.s. tro fs sufferingm traumatic brain injuries aftertt an iraniank on a u.s. base in iraq has risen to 109 according to officials. president donald trump originally said no americans were injured in the raid. the u.s. killing of an iranian general. you are watching bbc world news america. still to come, same party, different candidate. we will meet one family and hear
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their thoughts on who can best take on donald trump. nato defense ministers gather in brussels tomorrow ffi their t meeting of the year. fallout for troops stationed in iraq is likely to feature heavy. >> we need nato to do some of gs that the coalition to defeat isis is currently doing. we need it to maintain its superiority, frankly. >> nato stopped operations in iraq. some european countri withdrew troops or repositioned. there is f aeeling of deep divisions over the iran policy. it means that some european countries are likely to limit their role in the region.
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>> there is disagreement between the united states and some of the allies in the iranian nuclear agreement because, frankly, iran has openly said they are violating the agreemenal we areng on european allies to step up and make iran come back to the table. we want to nuclear agreement. the u.s. would be part of a new negotiation. we need european alls to lead th effort because they are still involved in the treaty. but i think it isthery important you know that the coalition and the training base of nato is very solid in iraq. we are talking to the iraqi government about their wishes. they want nato to continue the training mission that we have started. ye we have pausedon and
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reposi for troop supportan d troop protection, but we have not abandoned at all that mission it.e intend to expand >> in syria, tensions have escalated as forces continue to eradicate the last rebel strongholds. since 2012, they have captured a key road in syria. turkish backed rebels responded by shooting down a regime helicopter. yesterday, five turkish fighters were killed by syrian forces. secretary of state mike pompeo said the u.s. would coordinate a response with turkey. this comes as hureds of thousands of civilians have fled a rebel held pvince. correspondent contains some
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distressing images. he>>ong and winding death of the rebel held area is quickening. this is the biggest exodus since syria's war began. they fear what is behind them more than what lies ahead. >> we are fleeing from our llage toward the turkish border because we are in fear for our children and women. >> they have packed up everything they can carry. they will likely never be back. >> we are leaving our house because of the army. the army executes those who stay. as>> bashar al-d's forces are at their heels. strikes and artillery e
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redrawing the landscape. the world has stopped counting syria's deadbu, t here, they don't have that luxury. in the blanket, the child corpse of another victim. they knew the regime was coming theran for cover, b homes gave them little protection. i can't recognizeerhem, my fath or my brother, i don't know, he says. the turkish backed rebels andim musl extremists are losing, but today, they had a heall victory,owning of the helicopter. the helicopter behind me belongs to the regime, he says. it was dropping bombs on innocent civilians, women and chdren. there is noeace here, even for the dead.
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returning regime soldiers film themselves desecrating an image of the commander. he has just been dug out of the rubble after syrian jets attacked a market. 17 people died. the pleas for a cease-fire, some respite, are ignored. in a nearby bed, and 11-year-old screams from shrapnel wounds. they will recover, but then what? they will likely end up here, the country's edge with turkey, a place where people are corralled and forgotten. once again, they are asking for help, but the world has leftsy
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a behind. bbc news. nada:s let'turn to new hampshire where jane o'brien is. exit polls have just been released. what are they telling us? >> they are confirming what we have been saying for a long time. an awf lot of people have not made up their minds. they have really left it to the last minute. all that work that the candidates have been putting into campaign events and rallies in the last 24 hours really has been worthwhile because they could be tipping the balance. choose from, it's not surprising that families are divided over nominee.ld be the democratic 23-year-old quincy is all in for bernie sanders, but her dad support someone else. >> am supporting bernie sanders for president. he kno n wed to radically
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transform this country in the way wthink about politics and the world in name is. i 23 years old and i am the coalfield director for new hashire -- co-fid director for new hampshire. so many people have come here from across the country because that'b's how much weve in bernie. >> my name is ronso abr. i am 51 years old and i am an immigration lawyer. >> he was disappointed. i think he tried to hide it. >> she started out undecided. i had committed to elizabeth warren. elizabeth warren is not afraid to speak truth to power. if we have the courage to vote for the best cdidate, we will n. >> i got in ae litt water
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with my dad when i told him i thought he was a a liberal i was a progressive. he did not agree with that. progressive and i am radically progressive. he said ok, if you need to feel -- if you feel the need to differentiate. i said i do. i can't deny that she is a very warm, wonderful person to talk time to shakehe your hand and take a photo. that is not bernie's style. but i am glade is up there literally screaming about these issues because it is a matter of life and death. >> he loved the undocumented when he could exploit them. >> i think elizabeth warren is better positioned to actually implement more of thatgea. >> we need all the climate
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plans. >> i think bernie isel a very ectable candidate and i think he has the strongest chance of beating donald trump. he is appealing to people who have never voted before in their life. >> at thend of the day, we are going to have a qualified, tter candidate. it doesn't matter who. the worst democrat is better than this president. whether it is bernie sanders, elizabeth warren,or somebody s not my top choice, i think we are going to be in good shape. jane: it won't be long now before we fd out whether either have picked the winner. go to our webpage to find out all of the day's news, including the results of the new hampshirr pras they come in. and check us out on twitter. i am jane o'brien.yo thank for watching t narrator: funding for this presentation is made possible by... babbel, an online program designed by language specialists
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> nawaz: good evening, i'm amna nawain washington. >>oodruff: and i am judy woodruff in new hampshire. on theewshour tonight, we are on the ground in thenite state, where voters in the nation's first primary today arp g re-shape the democratic race for president. >> nawaz: then, a question of justice. roger stone, confidante of president trump and convicted felon, now at the center of a new controversy: how long he should be in jail. and, cleansing the sacred water. on the banks of india's ganga river, where the holy waters grow more polluted by the day. >> by far, the most toxic pollution of this river is probably its least visible


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